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Meniscus Surgery

I had a torn meniscus surgically repaired 2 weeks ago and continue to have swelling around the knee. I have iced the knee everyday, used one crutch since the surgery and have reduced my workload by 80%. I have basically been resting, icing my knee and as of today the knee is swollen to the point where I cannot bend it. In addition, the knee is "hot" in the area, which would tell me there is  some sort of infection. Visited my surgeon and was advised to stay off my feet and it will heal.
Based on everything I heard prior to the surgery, this appears to be too long. Should I get a second opinion?
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It is not at all unusual to still have swelling two weeks after arthroscopic knee surgery.  Since you did not mention an acute increasein pain and swelling, fever, chills, redness, or drainage, I assume they are not present, and therefore, I am less worried about infection.
I think two weeks post-op is premature to seek a second opinion. You should see your surgeon this week.  At that time, he may drain your knee with a needle and syringe, start you on anti-inflammatory medication, inject your knee with cortisone, or alter your physical therapy regimen.
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