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Persistent left hip pain

I am a 43 year old male. Lifetime basketball player and athlete. I started walking a lot last year. I walked hills and power walked at a fast pace. One day I felt a small pain in my left hip and later in my lower left back and testicle. I iced and rested and it seemed to subside for the most part, with only a small lingering amount of pain in my left hip.. which persisted.

Then one day I played basketball with my daughter. When I came down from a jump shot I felt a jolt of massive pain in my lower back. It nearly knocked the wind out of me. I could barely bend over or straighten out my back. My LEFT hip was also ON FIRE with pain during this time. I iced and took IBU. Within about a week the pain was gone thank God and I was feeling pretty good .. except for that nagging left hip pain.. right under the iliac crest and more towards the back of the hip than the front.

I then got a gym membership and worked out and stretched religiously. I lost 30 pounds !  Still the hip pain persisted, not better,not worse. Just there. Went to the chiro . He suspected sacroiliac joint problem. He adjusted me over the course of five appointments, gave me electric stim. I had a tiny bit of progress, but not enough to warrant continued co pays three times a week.

It hurts when I put weight on my left leg (especially on heel strike), when I round a corner with weight on left leg, when I cross my right leg over my left leg (especially when standing - ouch!) , when I get up from sitting after a long while, and sometimes when I lay on my side at night When I cross my right leg over my left and stretch when standing I can feel the pull and pain from the back of my left hip all the way across to the left sacroiliac joint.. like the whole ligament hurts.. but more at the hip end than anywhere else,

is it torn? Is it fractured? Is it just tight? Will it ever heal?? Can someone PLEASE help me understand this injury and what to do about it?

I would be grateful
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What we classicly refer to as the hip joint itself usually causes pain in the groin, not at all where you describe.  So the good news, if there is any, is that there in no problem with your hip joint itself.  I agree with your chiropractor that the culprit may be the SI articulation.  I recommend a thorough examination by an orthopedic spine specialist. Workup may include a bone scan, CAT scan, and MRI.
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