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Possible neuroma in palm of hand after carpal tunnel surgery

I had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand December 19, 2008.  I had pain in my palm in post op.  My forefinger now has paresthesia that is slowly getting better but not 100%.  I also have a lump on the thumb side of the surgery scar that feels like a hard flat and rounded rock.  The Orthopedic surgeon says that the "lump" could be a neuroma.  I have read about ganglion cysts and lipomas, etc.  When I massage or push on the lump, my forefinger feels more numb.  My forefinger gets more numb and tight feeling when I tap anything or if I place a glass too firmly into that hand.

I had the stitches out two weeks after surgery.  Soon after, someone flung open a door with horizontal metal handle hit me across the surgery scar.  That could have instigated the lump combined with the surgery.

So far the doctor says to keep watch over it for a while and see how things progress and to continue massaging that area.  Her physician assistant told me to come in for an MRI in a month or so (about now) to discover what the lump is.

Do you think I need to go back to the doctor for an MRI or live with it?  The forefinger is gradually feeling better, but not normal. If I understood the surgeon correctly, she doesn't think the lump is causing the forefinger numbness.
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Two of the main symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are parasthesia (pins and needles) and loss of sensation (numbness).  Often the parasthesias resolve rapidly after surgery.  The lossof sensation may takes months to improve and may not disappear completely, depending on the severity of the nerve damage before surgery.
If the lump is really a neuroma, than it can be directly related to continued symptoms.  However, since you are getting better, it sounds as if continued observation is not a bad idea right now.
Sometimes hand therapy can be helpful to soften the scar tissue and improve function after carpal tunnel surgery.
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