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Posterior Knee pain
Hello Dr, I am a healthy 34 y/o male who does 45 mins of cardio everyday on the Eliptical machine and another 45 mins of weight training. I do stretches for 2-3 mins before starting cardio.

2 days back while on the elliptical, my Left knee hyper extended just for a second. Did not have any pain at that time, nor did I devlop any swelling. Continued with my workout and went to work. Towards the end of the day, I developed some tightness and pain in left knee  in the back of the knee. No pain in the front of the knee. Pain is only in the popliteal region and lower thigh area. I have no trouble walking(except for minimal pain). I have no joint line pain, I am able to do deep squatting(holding onto rails for support) with no increase in pain. Applying ice and rest helps with resolution of pain. Also no pain while I am sleeping. Pain and tightness increases after prolonged standing. I am able to go up and down steps with no pain.

I am able to partially flex my knees and bend down to pick up objects.

I do have pain when I press in the back of my knee. No swelling. Complete extension of knee is possible with no pain.

My questions:

Could this be a meniscal injury? Or do you think it is more of tendonitis?
I am going out of town for a week in 2 days, will involve a lot of walking. Is this safe to do so?

Due to my impending travel, I will not be able to see an orthopedic before I leave. Any activites restriction?

Thanks a lot.
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