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RE:accident after flat foot reconstruction surgery

I had flat foot reconstruction in April 2012. This involved a medial calcaneal displacement osteotomy, lateral column lengthening (Evan's procedure), debridement of the posterior tibial tendon (left intact) and a transfer of the FDL tendon to a hole in the navicular bone (the FDL was sutured to itself through the hole and sutured to the posterior tibial muscle.
For the first two weeks I was in a splint (the bottom of the foot was heavily wrapped with a hard plaster splint which went all the way up to below the knee.
On the 12th day of recovery,  I unfortunately stepped straight down on the center of the foot with maybe 75% to 100% of my weight. My question is whether this probably caused the sutures in the FDL tendon to rip apart and pull out of the hole in the navicular bone. I was just wondering what you thought in regards to the likelihood of my having ripped these sutures out and lost the transferred tendon.
Thank you for your assistance.
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