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Recent knee injury severely aggravated by weather

I have lived a relatively sedentary lifestyle up until a few weeks ago when I joined my local gym. One evening last week I ran on the treadmill for the first time and ran hard and fast, for almost 2 miles.

The next evening, I spent some time working in the garage, where it was very cold and I noticed my right knee started to become quite sore.  The next few days were relatively uneventful and the soreness went away, until a severe drop in temperature hit ( it was about 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit I suppose).

As I was walking outside one evening (just about 5 minutes time total), my right knee became extremely aggravated very quickly(within the first 30 seconds of being outside). Pain set in, and it became completely stiff to the point where I was limping and hopping to my destination and the pain was quite severe. It was so bad that I nearly considered calling out for help. When I got inside, the pain quickly subsided over a couple minutes. After climbing the stairs however, weakness and soreness continued. I had to get a car ride home from a friend, I was so afraid that I physically could not make that 5 minute walk out in the cold. After driving around in a very warm car for a while, I felt better.

When I got home I made it up 4 flights of stairs with minimal pain. I spend all day at home inside today and there is no pain, but the right knee feels strange, right in the middle and center of the joint as if something is “dislocated” but that is the only way I can describe the feeling.

I find this sequence of events very perplexing, and am afraid of what they mean. What should I do and what is this likely to be? I am a 23 year old male who lives in Chicago.
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Sounds like your knee trouble is more related to activity than temperature.  It seems like you started to fast with your running program.  I'm curious if you were running on a level surface, or on an incline.  Difficulty with the stairs and the location of the pain may indicate a problem with the patella-femoral joint.
An additional period of rest, ice, and anti inflammatories ( if you can take them) should suffice.  If the symptoms resolve you can return to exercise, with a more gradual start.  If the pain persists, see an orthopedist for evaluation.
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