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Right Knee Pain

I been having a sharp pain in my Right knee when I kneel down on it.The pain is right below the knee cap on the r.side.The area also turns alittle numb to the touch.Is there something I can do to fix the problem or do I have to see a Orthopedic doctor.
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Your symptoms could indicate anything from bursitis in front of the knee to a torn cartilage inside the knee. Depending on how long youve had this problem, I would try ice for twenty minutes several times a day, avoid the activities that make it hurt, and judicious use of over the counter NSAID's if you are allowed to take them. If the pain persists for more than a week to ten days, or gets worse, then I would see an orthopedist for a full evaluation.
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I had the knee pain on and off  for about a year.The numbing feeling just started about three months ago.I will try the ice to see how that works out.Thanks
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