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SLAC wrist treatment

A few months ago I tripped & fell at work, severely spraining my wrist. After an initial misdiagnosis, an MRI discovered a torn scapholunate ligiment, widening of the scapholunate joint space and narrowing of the radioscaphoid joint space, raising the possibility of a slac wrist. 3 weeks after this injury I developed a severe case of carpal tunnel. Two different doctors said I would need carpal tunnel release surgery and a wrist fusion (a partial). All the above is being covered by Workmans Comp Ins. After the carpal tunnel surgery and a month of therapy, I revisited the doctor and he gave my hand a 30 second cursory exam. I asked about the wrist fusion, he replied 'We'll try not to do that... it's actually a very invasive surgery with less than desirable results. I said but my wrist hurts, has limited movement, greatly reduced gripping strength, He said 4 more weeks of therapy could fix that. I said but what about the torn ligiment and carpal bones out of position, he said with some people it healed itself or they learned to live with it. Plus he wants to slowly ease me back into my job at work during the next 4 weeks of therapy (I've been off because it's difficult and painful to grip a tool or wire or devices, swing a hammer, etc). Well jeeze louise, before the carpal tunnel surgery we discussed the different options for a partial wrist fusion, time involved and the results and a month later it's a terrible idea and the CT surgery will fix everything!! And he didn't even have to xray my wrist again to come to this conclusion! I think he's wrong. I suspect WC or someone related has contacted him and somehow got him to forego the required surgery and to get me back to work ASAP, all to reduce their costs. What to do? Approach WC? Pay another doctor myself for a third opinion? Hire a lawyer? I'm not asking for anything other than to fix it as good as possible so I can return to work without future problems.
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