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Severe deep muscle pain from old leg fracture

I fractured my left tibia and fibula in August 2009 due to a rollover car accident at age 19. I have undergone 10 different surgeries for skin grafts, rods, screws, you name it. I am still unable to hike, bike, or even go shopping without limping. However, the past few weeks, the pain has changed from bone pain to pain radiating from my lower back all the way to my toes. I have never felt this pain before. It is very constant and it will not go away. It is not in the bones, rather than the muscles of my lower-left back, left thigh, left calf and all the way to my toes. It only goes away momentarily when I stretch, but as soon as I release tension on the muscle, the pain is back. I can't even sleep at night, I just want to cry. What is this pain and how can I fix it? I regularly use an exercise bike to keep my muscles strong.
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