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Still experiencing knee pain and swelling 2 years after accident

I need help finding out what could be wrong with my R leg and knee.

I slipped off of a loading dock around April 2007 injuring might R leg. When I slipped off, the R side of my leg where the smaller of the two lower leg bones sticks out (Just below the R side of my knee), took the weight of the fall, which was about 3-4 feet. The bruising stretched from about halfway between my ankle and knee, up to around halfway between my knee and waist, with swelling all the way around my knee. The x-rays showed no broken bones.

About a month after the injury, I was still experiencing pain and swelling around the knee so I went to a Dr who took a MRI and determined I "Might" have had a partially torn ACL and sent me to therapy for 6 weeks. After the 6 weeks, the therapist made note that the leg wasn't improving and that the Dr. needed to find out what was wrong due to the obvious swelling. After seeing the Dr., he said sometimes these things take some time, so he then sent me back to therapy for another 4-5 weeks. After still no improvement he said I should seek a 2nd opinion from another Doctor.

The next Dr. took another MRI, then completed a knee scope to see if the MRI missed anything. After the 4 weeks of therapy for the scope, told me that sometimes Doctors just can't find the problem. He said that the accident "Might" have seriously damaged the tendons and ligaments causing acute pain and swelling which over time have turned chronic.

My concern is that after almost 2 years, anytime I try to do anything requiring the use of my right leg, the knee swelling and pain returns. I also experience significant range of motion issues. I still have not found a Doctor who can tell me what is wrong with my leg and if it can be fixed. All I seam to get is it "might" be this or that.  

I sometimes wonder if they are concentrating on the knee and it swelling, more than the R side of the leg where the injury took place.
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Unfortuantely,without examining you, seeing your MRI's, and looking at the operative pictures, the best I can do is guess. But I do have a guess. Judging by the location of your injury, the severity of the bruising, and your failure to have a complete recovery, I have a suspicion.  I suspect you may have an injury to the posterolateral corner of your knee. In simplest terms, the ligaments, tendons, and capsule, in the back right corner of your right knee.
This is a very specific injury, it is frequently undiagnosed, and it can lead to prolonged disability if it is not correctly diagnosed and treated.  It sounds as if your doctors have done everything right so far.  However, at this point, I would suggest evaluation at the local university or major medical center,  A sports/medicine/knee specialist with experience in this area might be your best bet.
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