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Sudden Formation of Bone Scar Tissue?

I had lig rupture in wrist which caused hole in cartilage btwn wrist & top of ulnar bone.  Orhtop Dr did ulnar shortening 7yrs ago w/no complications & great healing.  5yrs ago he rmvd plate/screws-again w/no probs & great healing.   3mos ago I started having mid ulnar bone pain.  Became incrsgly worse & ached in bed too, then came pain w/usage.  Noticed a hard lump on bone.  Next month it almost doubled in size.  Couple wks later 2nd lump formed.  Dr said area where lumps formed did not line up w/where he made cut into bone for shortening.  Xray wasn't very helpful-did NOT indicate calcium.  Had MRI-due to poor veins couldn't give contrast, however it indicated some edema around mass- some brightening-no fluid-appeared to possibly be into bone also.  Ultrasound confirmed no fluid-solid mass-measured portion of mass on surface of bone, but not able to clearly define margins on inside.  Saw Orthop Oncol for surg rmvl.  He said it appeared to be some type of scar tissie-lrg lump seemed to be calcified (but wouldn't that have shown on xray?).  Am still waiting on pathology report.  Have you seen any patients that have had rapidly growing bony scartissue form suddenly MANY years after bone injury?  (Note: I have been seeing rheum. dr for connective tissue disease for 3 yrs-still are not able to pin down exactly which one yet-perhaps this could somehow be related/triggered by auto-immune problem?)  What would you make of this if a patient came to you w/this scenario?  Greatly appreciate any input.
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Sounds very unusual. I can't say I have experience with anything similar, although it seems you are being well taken care of, and everything possible is being done.  I think the pathology report will help answer a lot of questions.
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Fine needle aspiration cytology can reveal pathology. and treatment can then be suggested
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