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Surgery or not?

Hi, Exacly 4 weeks ago I was in a car accident..my hand was on the steering wheel and bent back.. I just went for an MRI on 2/27.. Here is the impression...
Tear of the ulnar collateral ligament off the base of the proximal phalanx.  There does not appear to be a steiner's lesion.  However there is irregularity where the attachment of the ulnar collateral ligament normally inserts at the base of the proximal phalanx and a small avulsion injury at this level is not excluded.
Linear areas of low T1 and high T2 signal intensity within the diaphysis of the first metacarpal suggest non-displaced fractures. In addition there are bone bruises within the head of the first metacarpal.
I have had my hand in a brace for 4 weeks straight and these were the findings..
One hand surgeon say I need surgery while the other says keep my hand in brace for 2 more weeks then off for a week and see him, t that point if it's not better then he suggested surgery then..
So now I dont know what to do? Can you please  give me your opinion?
Thank you
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Full tears of the UCL are accompanied by a Stenner lesion. This is when the extensor tendon sheath falls between the edges of the torn ligament and prevents healing.  If there is no Stenner lesion present, as you MRI report indicates, there is good potential for healing without surgery. It sounds like you should stay on your present course..
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