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Trials, Studies or procedures for ACL Reconstruction with "traumatic" Osteoarthritis present

In an active duty US Navy not at fault accident in 1973, training for Vietnam, my ACL was torn, and the Navy doctors said they tried an experimental procedure to split the PCL, and tie it into the ACL to perform both functions. Recently Dr. Koco Eaton, sports doctor of the Buccaneers & Devil Rays said they probably did was the opposite.

Today I am a 56 year old male in good health and condition except I have what the VA calls "Traumatic" arthritis in my left knee, the ACL is not seen and PCL not seen clearly, and I have bone on bone in the medial meniscus, a long time tear of the medial meniscus horn. I have recent MRI's and reports from Dr Eaton & the VA.

At 56 I’m too young for a new knee. I believe my natural knee can be saved. I keep hearing  the presence of arthritis is contra-indicative of ACL reconstruction or anything less than TKR.

My legs are strong. My left knee slides around, pops, makes me fall a couple times per month, and hurts a lot now. With a limp and left-tilted gait, I have compensating injuries and moderate arthritis in my right knee too, but the ligaments, meniscus & cartilage are in good condition and I'd like to keep them good. If my left knee twists, then it pops and down I go. I have inflammation and constant pain, and my mobility and distance is greatly reduced. I can’t climb up or down stairs, once a primary exercise.  

I believe the osteo arthritis can be scraped off, and the ACL, PCL, meniscus and cartilage can be replaced as needed in my natural knee, giving me much better quality of life without replacing the entire knee. Please, does anyone know of any studies, trials, procedures, or well- established providers who might help me with this? I am 70% service disabled.

At age 56 I do not want to go through TKR, I'd like to fix what I have before it  gets any worse. It became much worse in the past two years.  

Thank you very much for your consideration & replies...
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Unfortunately Joe, I think your beeliefs here are the triumph of hope over reason. I tsounds as if you have severe POST-traumatic arthritis in your medial compartment, and long time absence of the ligamentous restraints in your knee. The operations you are proposing, are lengthy, with arduous rehab afterwards, and would more than likely give you only some improvement, given the scope of your problems and the surgery needed.
On the other hand, total knee replacement is a reliable operation with consistent results. TKR will eliminate your pain and restore your lifestyle.  I suggest you visit the websites of various manufacturers or even for my practice, and familiarize yourself more with that procedure and its benefits
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