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Very Painful Boney growth on wrist under thumb

Hi Dr. Gross,

My husband has had very bad pain in his wrist under the thumb side. Recently he has a hard lump like a round bone there. It is very painful. He delivers papers and throws them out of car window..about 300+ a day. He wears a brace that a PT friend of mine gave him which helps with the pain..only if he wears it though extremly tight. It keeps his wrist straight..has metal in the brace. Nothing seems to help..anti-inflam, ice, heat, etc. He has no health insurance to go to Dr. Any ideas what this could be and what he should do?


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Sorry, it sounds like he has done all the conservative "over the counter" remedies.  If he is really having that much pain, then I think he needs to see a hand specialist.
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