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ankle cast - burning sensation

5 weeks ago I fell and broke both my tibia and fibula (both bones have multiple breaks).  2 days later
my orthopedic surgeon inserted pins in the inner bone, and a long plate with screws in the outer bone.
For the first 2 weeks after the surgery, I had an open (plaster cast), thereafter I've had a fiberglass cast.

Throughout the time I've had the fiberglass cast, the pain I've experienced can mostly be described
as a burning sensation, and it feels like it's on my skin.  I seldom have any aching pain.  Sometimes
I feel discomfort which I assume comes from either my ankle bones on either side, or the pins or screws
near the surface of my skin, pushing on the inside of the cast.

My toes are exposed, and I wiggle them often, taking care not to flex the foot at the ankle (per dr's instruction).
I have normal sensation in my toes.  I have kept the ankle elevated above my heart for at least 22 hours a day.

My next appointment is 5 days away, but I am concerned that the cast may be too tight, and why is my
skin burning so much?  When the fiberglass cast was applied, just below the incision on the inner side of
my ankle, there was a quarter sized injury that looked like a large blood blister, and the top of my foot, from
the base of the toes to the ankle joint was numb.

I realize I am going on and on, but I am concerned about the possibility of some kind of permanent skin
injury, as well as permanent numbness.  I realize when I am healed enough, I will begin physical therapy,
and also that it may take many months to completely heal, since I am 67 years old.

What can you tell me about the burning, and about the numbness?
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Call your doctor and tell him your concerns, ask if you can come in earlier than scheduled.
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