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arthrogryposis multiplex congenita Problem with a 15 year old girl

I am looking for an hospital or an doctor who can plant robotic legs. Patient report is given below. So , please help me in this serious issue.

Manali, 15 year, female child has been detected as having various deformities of limbs and spine during IInd trimester of pregnancy. She born by elective caesarean section with bilateral hip dislocation, bilateral talipusequinovarus, scoliosis and muscle weakness, mentally she was altert and responsive. During neonatal period and early infancy she also had swallowing problem and recurrent aspiration pneumonia which improved later.

She was diagnosed as having arthrogryposis multiplex congenita; later on with the help of electromyography the cause for this was found to be congenital anterior horn cell disease. There was no family history of such disorder and she is the only child. She underwent five corrective orthopaedic procedures till date, and bears prostheses to support spine.

At present her weakness seems to be nonprogressive, all sensory modalities including vision and hearing are normal ,she is cognitively fine and very good in academics but because of various joint contractures and congenital muscle weakness she is chair bound and dependent for all her activities which require any limb movement.

Any assisting device for her limbs which make her less dependent will be a great help for this child and her family.
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