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broken collar bone

I'm a 48 y.o. male,normally very physically active,and normally in good health.
6 mo's ago I broke my left clavicle in a rollover accident here on the farm.
Broken in 5 pieces (some might call it smashed) the original treatment was a figure 8 brace,pain med's instructions to sleep sitting up,and was told i should heal fine in a few weeks.
After 2 weeks of terrible pain i was able to get in to see another orthopedic specialist for a second opinion,where the fig.8 brace was removed and i was told i should have been taken straight to surgery...but it was too late for that now.
At the 8 week point i was in physical therapy,and am continuing with therapy now.
At this point i am on ultrasonic bone growth stimulation therapy, for 2 months now,but with no obvious results radio-logically.
When I was given the bone growth stimulator I was told that this therapy might take as much as 9 mo.'s to work,and it's been 2 at this point.
I have been referred to another surgeon for yet another opinion.
Any feedback would be helpful!
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In general, orthopedic surgeons have become more agressive with clavicle fractures, and the move is towards more surgery and less conservative treatment. Although I am not quick to operate on these, at this point it sounds like surgery might be your best option. The fracture site can be opened and grafted and a compression plate and screws can be placed,
I am not entirely sure why you were told it was too late to operate at two weeks post injury, as it would have been ideal then.  However, at this point I think surgery is still a very good choice, and should have an excellent chance for success!
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