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medial instability and valgus deformity

I seem to be having one set of problems after another.  ACL recon 2010 failed.  ACL revision Nov. 2011.  Graft is good so far.

I have been told by physiotherapist, and had this confirmed by my GP that I have a significant medial instability in my operative knee.  This was present pre op, but I only found out about it on my OR report.  I also have a valgus deformity, which has not been documented by anyone to the best of my knowledge.  My PT was going to measure my Q angle, but he said that he didn't need to because he can see the deformity.

He has suggested that I ask my GP to order hip to ankle xrays.  Does this sound like something I should do?  I have not been given a firm answer on the cause of the first graft failing.  Could the presents of a chronic medial instability and a valgus deformity harm my graft?  Would orthotics fix this problem?  Basically, I am wondering what I need to do to get this figured out, and what can be done to resolve these issues?

Is this something that is commonly missed with a normal ortho examination?

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