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Best AntiInflammatory for Knee Pain


Dear Dr. Gross:

I damaged both of my knees playing football more than 40 years ago.  I damaged the meniscus on the inside of both knees from being tackled many times.
I have been able to get by all of these years but now the jig is up.  About 15 years ago, a sports orthopedist gave me some really serious knee braces and said they would stabilize my loose knees.  They controlled the pain.
But over the last couple of years or so I arrive at this point:  Both knees hurt all of the time and it makes it very difficult for me to even walk or bicycle.
Prior to having knee surgery (I don't have a surgeon yet) I want to strengthen the muscles that support my knee and lose about 20 pounds (I weigh about 20 1bs ; I now weigh 260.)

I want to be able to exercise but I will need the help of some anti-inflammatory.  Different sources have recommended ibuprofen, tylenol and aleve.  

I would appreciate which one to use and at what dosage under the circumstances I outlined above.

(Which Metro area do you live in?)

Thank you,

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I generally favor Aleve (naproxen) for orthopedic pain. The perscription dose is 500mg twice a day, Aleve comes in 220mg capsules, and lasts about 12 hours, so two pills twice daily is my usual recommendation.  Alternatively, I suggest one or two Aleve before activity.  However, I would not start on a course of NSAID's before checking with your physician to be sure there is no contraindication.
In addition, you might consider using a vitamin containing glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.  Many have had significant relief on this vitamin.
Quadriceps strengthening exercises, core strengthening, and weight loss can also be helpful
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