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Knee pain without any injury

First let me apologize if this question has been asked, but I really don't have the opportunity to read all the previous posts and questions.  So, here we go.  For the past 2 months, my knee has been slowly getting worse.  It started with a little ache in the knee, but now it is to the point that it keeps me up all night.  If I have my leg straight, it hurts like hell to bend it, and if I am sitting with it bent, I can't straighten it out.  I am a teacher and several times when I go to stand up, my knee gives way when I try to get up.  I haven't injured in any way that I can remember and think of.  Can anyone give me any help with this.  I know I need to go to the doctor, but I feel like a total hypocondriac sometimes, I am wondering if it is something I can try at home first.  Right now I am living with icy hot on my knee and eating advil.

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Of course, this could be anything, from a rapid onset of arthritic pain, to bursitis, to infection.  However there are a few clues.  
First, night pain that awakens you from sleep; second the knee hurts when you bend it, and gets stiff if you sit with it bent; finally, buckling when you stand.  These three combined, indicate a mechanical problem such as a torn cartilage possibly combined with a fluid collection, known as an effusion, in the knee
You mentioned no trauma, but didn't say whether you are active or not.  You didn't mention redness, or increased warmth, so i will assume they are not present.
My first choice is probably what is known as a degenerative torn meniscus.  These occur not from trauma, but rather from wear and tear over time. In many times, these are present but cause no problems.  Occasionally, they get irritated and present with the sort of story you've described.
Unlike traumatic torn cartilage, these tears do not always require arthrocopic surgery.  You can treat them with rest, ice (not hot) and anti-inflammatories.  You mentioned you are taking Advil. I suggest taking it regularly for 10 days, not just when you have pain.  Sometimes a neoprene sleeve is helpful.  
If the pain persists, then I suggest a visit to the doctor.  At that time a thorough exam can be done along with xrays and an MRI if needed.  If it is a degenerative tear, sometimes a cortisone injection is helpful.  If all else fails, then arthroscopic surgery is an option.
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Thanks so much for the information.  It was very helpful.
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