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I had surgery on dec 29 2008 for a patella tendon rapture. To current date: my knees are still swollen, though i see progression in its decrease, I am worried about how long it will take to completely come to normal size. I got out the military in 2006. and I was diagnose with patellafemoral syndrome (PFS) in both knees. Cause of that I am given 50 percent disability. My question is: how soon can I accept recovery (full), if there is such thing with a patella tendon rapture. And what I can I do see progress and see strength within the knees. Part2- I feel my right knee now hurting is that usual especially when I am diagnose with PFS. My right knee shack tremendously when doing leg extentions or going down stairs. And my surgery knee shacks a little bit not as much as the non surgery knee. (right)
What is the problem? Anyone who responds to this, do you think i will need get surgery on the other knee. And last question. Is PFS common in black people and can PFS result in a patella tendon rapture.
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Your right, I do find it hard to strengthen my surgery knee in which was diagnosed with PFS. Its been 3 months since I ve been doing PT, but the weakness are still there and casual walking sometimes gives way on my surgery knee. Any suggestion, or is patient the key thing here and I am 26 with an athletic build. Can you suggest exercises I should be focusing on.

And thank you much, best regards to what you do
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Although your per-existing PFS can slow the recovery after patella tendon repair.  It may actually improve as a result of the PT you are receiving. Recovery from Patella tendon repair can be 100%, but there are no guarantees.
I know of no racial differences in the occruance of patlla tendon rupture.
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