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Lots of Pain in toes of right foot

I am pretty sure I have a severe case of Metatarsalgia on my right foot. I went to see a specialist and he recommended aetrex memory foam Orthotics and some Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy is treating me for Plantar Fasciitis. They also recommended I wear Metatarsal pads, which I have tried. Without a metatarsal pad and using memory foam insoles the 3rd and 4th toe on my foot feels tingly every time I walk. As soon as I put a Metatarsal pad on and walk most of my toes becoming tingly, then my foot feels like it's swelling up. I have gotten MRI /Xrays/had EMG/had cortisone injection in Plantar fascia area a few weeks ago of/on my right foot and all test came back negative for any kind of Neuroma or Nerve Damage. I also had an MRI of my back as suggested by my podiatrist and read by an orthopedic surgeon for backs and he stated that my foot pain is not related to my back. I tried the Orthotics that my Dr. suggested, but they made my feet red/tender and my toes tingly/numb. I am really at a lose for what to do to make me feel better any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp.  Thanks for your question. I'm sorry to hear about your foot pain.  We so often take our feet for granted until we have issues and then are reminded of how much they actually do for us, right?  It sounds like you have had a good deal of doctor input on this thus far which is great and the right course of action.  Continue to work with your doctor.  I'm a little surprised they ruled out nerve issues or impingement since you describe 'tingling'.  Is this happening in just one foot?
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