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Rapidly Thinning Knee Cartliage

Is it common for the cartilage in your knee to rapidly thin?  I had an xray and MRI was told I had a meniscus tear.  I had arthoscopic surgery and had the tear "fixed".   I was told everything looks good, no arthritis.  Shortly after the surgery I experienced sevre pain and was unable to put any weight on my that leg.  I returned to the Doctor had another x-ray and was told I had a tibia stress fracture and the cartilage had thinned severly in 6 weeks and I would need a knee replacement.

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Hi there!

Cartilage thinning/ chondromalacia could occur with age and constant wear and tear, though it could also occur secondary to injuries where the damage may be rapid. I would suggest discussing the situation and the suggested management plan in detail with your treating orthopedician. If in doubt, you may seek a second opinion with another doctor.
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Take care!
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Hello I had very low grade meniscus tear last October and had surgery I am also bow legged  but was told that I have some mild chondral thinning of the medial femoral condyle and medial tibial plateau .No focal defect was seen,I have no subchondral edema. Normal amount of fluid present in my knee. No other abnormalities.My doctor says he does not believe he has any further intraarticuler knee pathology that accounts for my pain.He thinks my pain is likely neurologic.What does all this mean I also asked too see my MRI and show me what this means and they would not let me see my own MRI that's crazy.
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