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Total Knee replacement

Hi i have had total knee replacement, and belive all was good ,was walking very quick after severe pain for five weeks . But now when laying in bed at night get sharpe pains shoot through my thigh and knee, like a electric shock or cramp, does anybody else get this ??
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Sounds like you were feeling pretty good and getting around well after your surgery!  That's good news but am sorry you are now having some issues with pain.  I would check in with your doctor.  Pain like this 'could' be due to an infection.  You want to rule that out.  You also could have alignment issues or knee cap issues after the surgery. You could even have a pinched nerve.
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Sorry, hit send before ready.  Patella realignment may need to be necessary.  Ugh, I know, never ending. But you really need to check in with your doctor about this.  Tell us what they say, okay?!
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