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2 Broken Wrists OUCH !!!

Two Broken Wrists! Ouch !!
by Janet02062, 2 minutes ago
On Sept. 6th this year, I tripped and fell over my 2 dogs leashes.  As I lay there, fortunatly able to hit speed dial for my friend to call an ambulance, I thought of how lucky I was that I didn't break my jaw !   After 2 casts and not being able to do much of anything ( 8 lbs. later ) but lay in bed and eat, I am healing slowly because of my age (64) and having my right hand being "set".  I am right-handed (figures) !    It's been almost 3 months and I was told that it takes a very long time to heal---I am having therapy twice a week, but my right wrist is so painful and looks deformed.  Now I have developed Carpal Tunnel and am having surgery on Dec.14th.  I was wondering if this pain could be from maybe the bone was "set" wrong or will it get better after the surgery and I get my feeling back in my fingers (except my baby finger that I can still feel ).  My wrist keeps me awake at night and the pain actually burns !    Thank you in advance. J.

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