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2nd tear of lateral meniscus and ACL tear interpretting help please?

Two questions
1-Is it possible to tear the anterior horn of your lateral meniscus twice, once in 09, and then again a few weeks ago?

2-There is fluid and edema around the ACL, the radiologist says that it could be from mucoid degeneration, but my OS has a the pictures of my ACL from 3 years ago during the meniscus surgery with no sign of it then.  He believes it is partially torn, does this make sense, how long does it take mucoid degeneration to develop?

HIs plan is to fix  the radial tear in the meniscus, and then probably recontruct the ACL with a hamstring tendon, any help is appreciated.
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Hi there!

1. Yes, a re-injury is possible.
2. The degeneration could have followed an initial partial tear. This may take a few weeks or years to develop.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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Thanks.  The OS didn't even bring up the muciod degeneration, he only spoke of a tear.  I guess this is the combining of the exam and the mri?  I was walking down the stairs when it popped and dropped me.  What is the deciding factor on whether or not to reconstruct, the amount of the ACL torn, or the laxity of the ligament?  Thanks again.
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