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2nd tear same knee- Meniscus

May 13, 2009 I had a partial removal of my right knee inside medial meniscus.
fell on it three times from June to October finally could not stand it any
more went back to my Dr office two weeks ago, first had an Xray, I am bone
on bone where the minescus was removed. Arthritis is flaming really bad
Then I had an MRI showing I now have a tear in the minescus.
I was told I will get called Monday or Tuesday about surgery option & meet with Dr, etc.
Short story Long, what questions should I be asking this time.
I have gained six pounds since last year I am 5'6" 140 lb I know
for every 15 lbs gained is tripled to my knee but my gut tells me there is more.
I am only 45 years old "woman",  I do not want this to be a yearly thing, I want this fixed
"not a temporary fix" If I were sixty I would feel different. I want to hike and climb
mountains again. I have given up on the running and down hill sking, but if I can't
enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors it will kill me.

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You would need to go for an X-ray on the present date.

You would need to check for if you have any arthritis due to the ligament tears and past operations and accidents.

You would also need to check for the amount of cartilage and knee replacement surgery is the final option if all conservative approaches fail for osteoarthritis.

Take care!
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