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5th metatarsal break-unsure if it will heal

well, a few weeks back, i broke my 5th metatarsal in my left foot. they never set it, or anything for that matter after being at the hospital for several hours. the aircast i had was absoloutely no help, so 3 weeks, 2 sets of xrays, 1 at the ortho surgeon's fracture clinic, he put me into a fiberglass cast, and said for me to return in 2 more weeks, as the progression of the healing was non-existent at that point (surgeon's office was yesterday), and that it "should" heal. now, reading up on this type of bone, and break, i now understand this part of the foot has a real bad blood supply, therefore extremely slow healing, and maybe no healing at all. i'm uncomfortable with everyone telling me it "should" heal. everything should heal with time! duh! my question is, in this fiberglass cast, though the bone was broken right through (unsure what the actual break is called, it's not a typical fracture, there is a gap in the bone where it snapped...) can the bone still shift around in there? i can still wiggle my toes, but there's still pain whenever i move them around. i'm an active person as well, snowmobiling is a passion i have. will this bone, if it does miraculously heal on its own be more brittle, and prone to breaking again? should i push for a surgury to help fix it, and make it more stronger? i wish i could post the xray, it's a worrysome sight! oh ya, i'm a 26 yr old female, non-smoker. thanks!
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Hi there!

It is true that stress fractures of the base of the fifth Metatarsal sometimes show a poor healing capacity and a surgical fixation may be advised in such cases. However this is not true for all types of fractures and the decision for surgery would depend on the location and type of fracture. If your doctor believes that it is likely to heal itself, I would suggest following his advice. Healing would typically take 4-6 weeks and for the period immobility and non-weightbearing is advised. If there is still no evidence of healing post 4-6 weeks, a surgery can be done at a later date.
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Take care!
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