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ACL Meniscus Recovery

I had Acl.Meniscus surgery done May 2010. I had another scope done in October for scar tissue and a slight touch up on meniscus.  I still havent been the same.  Is that normal?  I have severe quadricep atrophy hence why I have severe sharp shooting knee pain. I can barely do a squat its more like a partial squat.  when I do straight leg raises and contract my knee I sometimes encounter that sharp knife pain in knee.  Also my knee locks up after doing quad sets and leg raises,  Ive been told cause of the weak quadricep that is why?

Anyone else out there with this?
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Hi, I was reading these posts cause I am actually having similar problems. I had ACL and meniscus tear surgery in late January of this year. I was doing really well with no pain and then when I really started walking again I began to feel that sharp pain your referring to in my hamstrings and knee. My PT said it was cause that muscle hasn't been used in awhile so its going to be aggravated alot as I start to build it back up. It hurts though ALOT!

I am actually going to my surgeon this week for a f/u so I will ask a bunch of questions and see if I cant help you out, especially since you don't have the money for a check up! I was fortunate enough to have good insurance so I feel your pain and would love to give some feedback.
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Thanks for replying back.  I do have a quad strengthening program especially ones that are targeting the VMO.  Nothing is working so far though.  I just saw my PT last month and I don't have the cash or insurance to go see her.  From what I've been told, this could be a long term disability.  There are cases of them out there and this is one of the risks. The vmo and quad muslcs are not responding.


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You should go back to your surgeon and explain to them what is going on in your knee.  Also, for the quad atrophy, you need to do some physical therapy or have them give you a home exercise program for quad strengthening.  You need to have strong quads in order to support your ACL.  Without the strengthening for your quad and VMO- which is on the inside aspect of your kneecap- you won't be able to do squats or straight leg raises very well and your kneecap won't track correctly in the groove on the femur (thighbone) and that will cause pain because it will rub and snap back and forth when it is going in and out of that groove.  Strengthen those quads!! Best of luck!
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I understand what your going through. I had my lateral meniscus repaired in July 2010. Ever since then I have been plagued with severe stiffness, locking, swelling on tendons around the knee, bone pain. Going up and down stairs is hard, and forget about squatting. Uneven slopes causes my knee to feel like it wants to pop out of place. I never had surgery before and now I feel why did I ever let them touch it, but the tear was painful enough. I hope I did not tear something else, or maybe scar tissue is the problem. I exercise my knee everyday, take Aleve, and rub muscle creams on it. I did not have insurance for the original surgery and I am making payments for it. I can't even go back and have them look at it again since I don't have the money.
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