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ACL Reconstruction Pain - 8 months post op

I am a police officer 7 months from ACl reconstruction surgery with cadaver ligament. Everything was going great until month 5 when I started to slowly jog for very short distances (half mile increment to 1.5 mile). I felt severe medial pain in the tibia (surgery entrance area). I stopped running and decreased all other activity and ice more frequently. I could walk again w/o pain 2 weeks later. I started slowing jogging in small increments for another week in month 6 post op and the pain returned. It is so painful  that I can't walk as well. Is this normal? I am afraid that I will never be able to return to my job which requires me to be 100% for street duty - no light/desk duty available.
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Hi there!

This is not typically normal with mild-moderate activity, six months post surgery; though increased amount of activities are best avoided. I would suggest getting this examined by your treating orthopedician for secondary issues such as inflammations, further degeneration, bursitis, tendonitis etc. If a secondary issues is identified it can be managed accordingly. Meanwhile I would suggest resting the knee and avoiding aggressive movements around the joint. Ice packs and OTC NSAIDS may be helpful for pain relief.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Thank your for the feedback. Originally, the doctor diagnosed is as pes bursa inflammation as a result of its response to ice, ultrasound and rest therapy. I requested an MRI which revealed a stress fracture in the general area where the screws for the ACl reconstruction were placed. We are following up with a bone density test to rule out osteoperosis. What other reasons could cause the stress fracture with such a moderate increase in activity?
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