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ACL Reconstruction-Too good to be true?

I had my ACL replaced for the second time using an allograft 72 hours ago. I am 2 years post injury before the surgery. Within 48 hours I was completely off crutches and I feel out of this world. I am up to 65 degrees on the CPM machine already (feel I can go even higher but I don't wanna push it too much). The only pain I feel is the bandage on my incisions. There is MINIMAL achyness at times but other than that I feel like a King! How the heck do I feel this good? The first surgery I broke a bone in my knee along with the ACL tear so I was in a cast for 2 months and didn't go through your standard ACL post op and recovery like I am now. Doing all this reading on the internet and hearing these horror stories about people's ACL recoveries has be thinking, is this too good to be true? Should I feel this well already? Besides your general tenderness because you just had an operation, it's like nothing happened. Granted, I'm not doing jumping jacks and what have you but I have no pain and to be walking with no crutches at all after just 2 days baffles me! I hope it's just a good story about a GREAT doctor and feel good patient. Has anyone else out there felt this good post ACL surgery? Please tell me! I'm estatic!
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I'm not sure what kind of protocol your surgeon has you on, but you shouldn't have been off your crutches yet.  I hope everything is still going well for you!
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