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ACL Reconstruction(numbness)

Had surgery on 12-5-07. Everything seems to ok but there is numbness 3 iches in diameter on the outer side of the calf of my leg. It's kind of painful.. Does anyone know about this? Is this normal?
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I had knee surgery back in March and I have numbness from the top of my knee to about midway down my leg. I think it all depends on what nerves were involved. I would ask your doc at your follow-up appointment.
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thank you for your response... Ihave another appt monday and will ask him. Are you still numb? Have you gotten any of the feeling back?
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Hope you underwent ACL(Anterior Cruciate Ligament) reconstruction for knee by arthroscopic method.
It is normal to have similar type of complaints initially for a week to ten days.
The numbness feeling would usually disappears in due course of time.
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If the numbnessis alongside of your incision then it is because of it.  The nerves get cut during the surgery. You don't always get the feeling back. I have had 12 knee surgeries 10 of which were open and I still havent gotten the feeling back from my first open surgery in 2002 The pain is prob because of all thee work that was down.
Good luck
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