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ACL reconstruction Surgery

I'm am due to have ACL replacement surgery for a torn ACL and torn Maniscus.  I have discussed my case with two surgeons and each has a different method of making the insicion.  The first one drills directly through the shin bone (the accepted and original method), and the other is doing a new procedure (its about 1.5 years old) where they drill from behind and only go three quarters of the way through, which results in less pain and faster healing.  Does anyone have experience with the newer method?  Is it safe? The doctors has already done 52 surgeries using the new procedure.
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Hi, i'm not sure about the precedures your talking about, 7-8 yrs ago i had my right ACL reconstructed. all i know is i had two orthoscoptic ports and one 3-4" incision below the knee cap.  the reason i responded is to let you know how important physical therapy is right away, if you don't take this seriously you will have scar tissue build up that may be more painful than the injury its self.  i had out patient surgery and within 2 hours of being home a company came to the house with a machine that bends my knee and you adjust the settings little by little until you can bend your knee and also helps prevent scar tissue build up.  ask you doctor about this machine, it did wonders getting my range of motion in my knee back quickly.  i have no issues with my knee, none what so ever.  good luck  Phill
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