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About splint usage for midcarpal instability

I have an old injury which bother me most, as condition now slightly better but I have hand discomfort. In past I've seen the doctor and I was diagnosed with midcarpal instability. The source come from the pain which spread from ring finger's midcarpal to many areas in hand, may explain everything and I strongly suspect tendon has been ruptured as i once had a fall and able to move hand but it did end up dislocated in the morning. It may be aggravated by insomnia after pain robbed my sleep in the past. That month I believe I have bad sprain so I took a long medical absence.

this is my theory. And hand injury is nearly ten months old and it happen last year and was treated this year by January. I'm skeptical how to use the splint as my hand supposedly normal this month. I don't have diary, but mostly pain always troubling located at back hand between metacarpal and carpal of ring finger.

Recently I'm no longer in pain but it does occur if I accidentally move fast. (i need to know what's doctor's view of this injury so I'm menticulous about my hand injury in this post.) I'm still having wrist discomfort as I try to move to exercise stage after splinting period. I take off splint on first week of May but hand discomfort persist with less pain.

did i do right thing to take off splint and let nature take the flow to heal my hand? Which physical exercise are suitable for my recent condition? The doctor only heavily emphasize and ban me from carry heavy and overweigh items.

Don't bully as I'm new to this advanced medical condition, for this part of hand condition I take it as serious injury which nagging me of hand discomfort with sleep deprivation.

Urgh, I once have a lot of bed rest last year as I sometimes lightheaded. I've been avoiding to use left hand much when possible to prevent lighthead-ness this few months. Did I do right thing to take off splint to carry on recovery stage and continue?
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Mid Carpal Instability Is Very Complex & Serious, & If Not Diagnosed Within The First 6 Weeks Of The Injury/Trauma.Event,

Then Its Normally Very Hard To Stablize/Restore The Hand/Wrist,Arm, Back To Its Previous Stablized Wrist/Hand, Without Wrist Fusions, Ligament Tightening & Other Wrist Operation To Stablize The Loose/Damaged/Torn/Bruised Ligaments, To Prevent The Clicking,Popping,Snapping, & Clunking, & Instability & Feeling Of Pain & Giving Way.

Sadly Has Mid Carpal Instability Is Very Serious & Complex, Its Very Hard To Treat & Diagnose By X-Rays When In Dynamic Stages & Not Reached Statice Instability,

It Requries Splintting, Twice A Day To Day Physiotherapy, Operations, Pain Killers, & More.

http://wristinstability.multiply.com & http://crps1and2rsd1and2.multiply.com

His My Story/History Of Me Suffering This Complex & Serious Wrist Disability & Pain Known As: Mid Carpal Instability - http://reynolds1984.multiply.com & My Hazey Diagnose Of It Triggering RSD/CRPS :( :/
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I had surgery to correct this problem in my hand 17 years ago & other than not being able to carry a serving tray, I would have to say it was a great success. I had to go to several doctors over many years to have it correctly diagnosed & splinting, casting, shots, etc didn't help. My only other option, other than living with the constant pain, was surgery. I traveled to the Mayo Clinic & even though the doc was a pain in the butt, he was able to fix it
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