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Achy Joints and Muscles

Hello.  Since September 2006 - Present (18 months) I have had constant muscle and joint aches throughout my body.  My aches have been dull for the most part but very very annoying.  They bother me throughout my entire day and night.  They keep me up at night and distract me durning the day.  There hasn't been 1 single day since September where I haven't felt the ache.  Some days are worse than others.  I feel the ache mostly in my knees, ankles, elbows and wrists.  I also feel it in my calf muscles, forearm muscles, hand bones and feet bones.  I feel it on both my left and right side of body but the right seems to ache more.  In September 2006 it started with my right knee but moved to other body parts rapidly.

I have had tests for a bunch of things and I apologize for not knowing the names, etc. (I guess I should know that stuff).  I know they tested for arthritis and a number of other things - all coming back negative.  

Additional Info:  Around that September 2006 timeframe I just landed a new job that caused alot of stress in my life.  At the same exact time I had a very stressful personal issue that happened that I was worried about constantly.  I still have the same stressful job.  I have read that stress can cause aches and pains but not for 18 months straight (not missing one day) and in the body parts I described.  

Another thing to note that may help - after a night of drinking, etc. I'll wake up in the morning and the ache is significantly intensified.

If there is anyone out there that has experience with this and knows any answers, please let me know.  I greatly appreciate any helpful info you can share.  Thanks!!
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I have the same proble, Ive had sore bones since June, I think that its due to a UTI/kidney infection that I may have, since there is an infection in your body, your  body tries to fight it off making you weaker.
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There are many reasons for generalized body aches. Generally you have that during fever, cold or flu due to some infection in an acute phase reaction.

With chronic problem you need to diagnose and i would suggest you to visit a physician. C Reactive Protein can be estimated to know if it is an acute reaction. It can be arthritis.

Take care!
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