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Adult Head/Skull and soft spot similiar to a newborn child.

I have this soft spot that I never noticed on my head. It's similiar to when a child is young/born and they have 'soft' spot(s) on the head. For a long time now, I have had major headaches that just won't go away and also I do have a lot of stress. I am not sure if all this is related to the bad allergy/sinusitus problems that I live with.
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Funny enough Ive noticed that aswell, but I dont think its a soft spot as such as with the baby its because its not fused where as after that first year or so it does. I dont think thats in anyway related to the headaches u get. It could be migrane or related fully to stress. It might be an idea to go to ur dr to explore why this is happening.
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Maybe you should visit an Osteopath who is trained in craneology and get an opinion on that.  Osteopaths are doctors, they just learn other holistic stuff in addition to standard medical school stuff.  Anyway, they are really good with helping babies out who have hard deliveries with their skulls, so that's why this came to mind.
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I just noticed a soft spot on my head last night.  It's like I have a dent on the top back part of my head.  I have had head aches for years. Is this sight only for women?  I'm a young man but i've been looking for help.
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hey i have the exact same thing happening to me, same area to, top back of my head.  for me its to the right side and about the size of thumb when i press down on it (which it sends pains similar to the headaches i get from.  im a 20 year old male and don't know anything about this kinda thing.  i have all the same factors and symptoms as mentioned above:
                    "For a long time now, I have had major headaches                    that just won't go away and also I do have a lot of allergy/sinusitis problems that I live with."

if anyone else finds out something please post, i don't have insurance so i wont be scening a doc any time soon (trying to beef up my info as of now until i can afford go)
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i have the same problem soft area at back of head it gives me really bad headaches. i have many other symptoms too like body aches & nausia also tiredness & anxiety. after  months of persistance my dr finally ran some blood test & it seams that i may have an auto immune disease of some type & i will say that im finding thats like opening up a can of worms
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ive just spoke to my osteopath and she said keep hydrated drink lots of water to keep fluids around the brain up so ive been drinking more water today and my headaches appear to be improving and the soft spot isnt as sensitive
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I ALSO just noticed a soft spot on the back of my head!!! I actually called my mother and asked her if I had always had it and just didnt notice! (Im 23 yrs old) I think I would of noticed it by now! Its kind of strange how this forum started in 2006 but now two years later in Jan 2008 its taking off? whats up with that? The only reason I found this is because I GOOGLE'd "Adualt Soft Spot". Please let me know if yall hear of anything. Im from NC if it rings a bell? Maybe we all got up-ducted by allians or something,lol. Kinda not joking... though
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I am a 29 yr old female. I noticed the same thing (soft spot on top back of head) about 3 yrs ago. I do not have a history of headaches but lately I've been getting dizzy easily and my vision is sometimes blurred. My husband and I just started to try and have a baby. I'm afraid that if I go to the doctor and they find something we will have to put off having a family which I don't want to do. It is sensitive when I press or push on it. Does anyone out there know what may be the cause of this??
I do. im the same age, trying to have a baby. im not doing anything different but I am sick with pharyangitis and my body just hurts all around. not sure if this is related but ive noticed this a couple years ago myself
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Here's my story....

10-11 years ago when I was 13 or 14 I finally went and saw a specialist regarding the soft spot I have on the back of my upper head/skull. I had complaints of severe head aches, slight trouble with my vision, and the soft spot was tender to the touch. I was extremely concerned because this area of my head that is affected is about the equivalent to the size of my palm. Anyway, They said I had a solitary fiberous tumor but that it wasn't cancerous. So they operated and removed the tumor from my skull. They aren't sure what caused the tumor or the fact that it was deteriating my skull. My suggestion would be to see a doctor if you have similar issues. They never were able to find out the cause but I had one of the best neuro surgeons.
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I also just located a soft spot located just above my forehead, went to the doctor and having an CAT Scan tomorrow. I am a 41 year old female, with severe headaches and pressure on the same side of my head. Very scarry thing.
I will not jump to conclusion on what this may or may not bring, I just hope all of you get the Medical advise that is necessary to live a long and Happy LIFE...
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Hello from a medical worker,
Couple of points which may help.
When investigating medical problems it is always very important not to wrongly associate two things, i.e. Just because you have a soft spot, and get headaches, does not mean that the soft spot has cause headaches. The skin overlying the skull can be indented to give the impression of a soft spot although the bones themselves may remain strong. Tumours are rare. The fluid around the brain is so well regulated by the body that you would have to be SEVERLY dehydrated before this changed so drinking more is unlikely to change any soft spot, especially as the fluid is underneath bone and a strong layer of fibrous tissue called dura mater. By pressing on the top part of the back of your head you may be pressing the a branch of the occipital nerve which can cause pain. Good luck to you all.
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A couple of years ago I was in the shower washing my hair and noticed when I rubbed a spot on the upper-back part of my skull it hurt...quite a bit! I never saw my doc, but asked the pediatrician about it when I was in with one of my kids. He looked at me like I was crazy! Over the years, I've made, what I think, is the connection. The "soft spot" only hurts the day after I've indulged in alcoholic beverage consumption. Obviously I'm not a doctor, but I do believe it has something to do with dehydration. Once I get plenty of fluids - non-alcohoholic, of course - over the course of the day, I'm fine and the area is no longer sensitive to the touch.
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