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After Surgery, Can't Bend Knee

Two weeks ago I had surgery on my left distal femur to remove a lesion that turned out to be an enchondroma from the lateral condyle.. I can bend my knee 1/3 of the way now, but it gets to a certain point where I cannot bend it past that point, and if I try, my whole leg shakes and it feels so tight like every one of my ligaments is about to snap and my bones will break (I know that's not the case, but thats how my knee feels).  I had the lesion taken out and my femur filled with bone graft.  Is this normal for the type of surgery I had and for my prognosis?  I am scheduled to begin physical therapy this week.
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Enchondroma is a common benign lesion of mature hyaline cartilage in the medullary canal of the metaphysis or meta-diaphysis of bone.
Commonly involves the short tubular bones (usually proximal phalanx) of adult hands and feet though it may also involve the distal femur, proximal humerus, and tibia.
Patients with long-bone Enchondromas are followed with serial radiographs every 3 to 6 months for 1 to 2 years.
I think the pain is due to surgery and its association.
Once you have been started with physiotherapy and analgesic then there would be some pain relief.
Keep me posted if you have any queries.
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Thanks very much!
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How are you doing?
Have they started you on physiotherapy? What analgesics they are planning to put you on?
If your pain symptom is still persisting then you can consult a pain management specialist for proper systemized intervention.
How your follow is up planned?
Keep me posted with your answers.
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