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My son has a green stick fracture on his forearm. There was no need to reset or bend the bone back, they just put a cast on it. But they said they wanted to do X-rays again in two weeks. When I question why, they said because they grow so fast at this age. He is 3. Is a two week appointment really necessary? I feel like they are just trying to get more money out of me because I declined their costly “fracture package”. Nothing they said made me think that this was a very bad fracture.
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Hi. Sorry about the broken arm.  I think that actually is pretty standard and typically done at the 2 week mark post casting to see if the bone is healing from what they have done.  It makes sure that they don't need to readjust it.  Not sure what they do for an expensive fracture package.  Haven't heard of that but this set of x rays and the final ones are pretty normal to get.  Hope it heals well and fast!!!
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