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Ankle Injury Question

I was wrestling with my son and fell on his foot while he was lying down. It bent his foot outward (toes going away from the middle of the body). His pain is in the rear, outer portion of the ankle, where the CFL ligament is. Doctor asked if we're sure if his ankle rolled outward, not inward. Yes, we're sure. Why would the pain be on the outside if his foot turned outside?
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Did they diagnose him with any ligament damage? They were probably trying to figure out which ligaments were damaged, and if his foot was moving in certain ways that it shouldn't be, or hurting in certain ways, it indicates that certain ligaments are damaged.

Certain ligaments are usually damaged when a foot turns in, and others are usually damaged when a foot turns out.

This is all very general info, though, and you should ask the doctor for specifics on why he asked about your son's foot.
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Hello, I really don't know, I would ask the podiatrist, he/she should surely know why.
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