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Ankle Injury

Hi woud appreciate any opinons on this. I hurt my ankle 9 months ago and am trying to find a solution to the problem ever since. i twisted over on my ankle playing football and have not been pain free since. i have had an mri, suplasyn injections, xrays and an arthroscopy and still no joy and im at a stage now where the ankle speciailist is saying he can do no more.

The specialist is hard to talk to and doesnt answer my questions and often contradicts previous things he has said. My ankle has pain almost all the time i cannot jog or run or wear heels and many other everyday activities. i played alot of sport and really wanted to get back to full fitness. Underneath i have put the findings of my mri scan. i have had an arthroscopy where they removed soft tissue they also removed  loose particles of cartilage. the only findings of the arthrocopy were that the cartilage was fryable!!!! The specialist has said the arthroscopy should of worked and that any pain i now have is in my head!!! My plantar flexion movement is almost non existant i work with a physio twice a week to try and rectify this but improvement is just not happening

I would really appreciate any opinions anyone might have on what the cause of the pain may be or any ideas on what i can do to try and improve movement and the overall ankle.

My MRI read something like this

Fluid in the distal tibiofibular syndesmosis
hyperintensity and poor definition of the posterior tibio-talar ligament indiciating injury to that structure. the appearences are in keeping with an incomplete high grade tear of the proximial potiont of the ligament.
Associated bone marrow oedema at the ligament attachments to medial malleolus and medial aspect of the talus.
There is tibio talarjoint effusion.
there is bone marrow oeedema/contusion at medial aspect of the neck of the talu.
There is also a bone contusion at the postlateral aspect of the  head of talus with localised subcortial "kissing" contusion at postlateral aspect of the distal tibia.
fluid in the tendon sheath of the tibialis posterior, this is a recognised associated finding in medial collateral complex ligament injury.
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Hi there!

The MRI shows injury to the tibio-talar and MCC ligament with signs of associated degeneration and inflammation. Well, I would suggest conservative management for a while with non-weight bearing, rest, anti-inflammatory measures and guided physiotherapy for sometime. It might also be a good idea to consider a second opinion with another orthopedician for a detailed evaluation/ review of the MRI and suggestion of an appropriate management plan.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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