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Ankle feels tight/dislocated at same time?

I suppose I could explain it as the opposite of what a sprain feels like. When I put full pressure on both feet, they feel fine, unless I stand in an awkward position (leaning too far forward, backward, sideways). It is a very strange feeling. Whenever I lift my feet, including when I am walking, they hang down heavily and it feels like the Tibia? (I looked at a picture of ankle/foot anatomy and based on the diagram I assume it is the Tibia) and my feet are disconnected. It sort of feels like a bruising pain. I even have trouble rotating both of my feet. Not because of the pain (even though it does hurt) but it is hard to rotate to the front. I sprained my right ankle pretty badly about 7 months ago and yesterday it was hurting me and was a bit swollen, still is and has been for a few weeks but I haven't injured either of my feet since I sprained my right ankle in September. What could this be?

Also, when I try to rotate, my ankle locks up so it won't let me. It locks when I am walking as well, as if they're trying to stay connected. Any questions or need clarification, please ask.
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This feeling can occur with chronic ligament injuries. It can also occur with any dislocation after an ankle injury.

I would suggest you to get present day scans done and follow up with an orthopedician for proper diagnosis and recovery.

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the best person to see is a Podiatrists for foot/ankle pain.  bad sprains can tear cartilage which make very painful. i've had my ankle scoped 3 times and a couple other major surgeries on the ankle.  make an appt with a Podiatrists and ask him to have a MRI taken.  good luck  Phill
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