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BEST protocol for healing after an IT Band Tenodesis & Meniscus Repair?

I am 7 days Post-Op of an IT Band Tenodesis (to tighten my current ACL and knee) & Meniscus Repair. I want to be following the protocol for the fastest recovery and healing process. At 7 days post operation should I no longer be elevating my knee? Should I be sleeping with my knee elevated? I’ve read some places it slows down healing when you elevate your operated upon leg after the 48-72 hour mark after the surgery. Also I read some places icing your knee after the 72 hour mark after surgery can slow healing as well. Can anyone confirm or deny either?? Thanks!
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Oh gosh.  Ouch.  They should give you very clear post op instructions and after something like this, often there is follow up with the doctor as well as a physical therapist or sports medicine person.  It's a lot of sitting with ice this first week.  You really can't rush that.  I've hard that working with a physical therapist sooner rather than later is really beneficial.  Helps you stretch the IT band for mobility sooner.  Stretching properly, key.  Strengthening, key. I believe recovery is that at 2 weeks, you feel more normal but it's not until 6 weeks that you get back to full activity. Ice will not slow down your recovery.  Just don't over due it.  It's 30 minutes of ice every 3 to 4 hours.  And remember the most important thing . . . REST.
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Thank you SO much for this response! Seriously you just made my day :)
I'm glad.  The hardest part of recovery is being patient!  I totally get it because life doesn't stop and we want to get back out there.  But try to give this some time.  You'll be out there before you know it!
Just to add, I'm confused.  Following this kind of surgery you should have been sent to physical therapy for rehab.  There should have been detailed post-op instructions.  Different people heal at different paces, but this should take some time before you're back to normal.  If you weren't given any post-op instructions, you need to see your surgeon and get them.
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