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Back, Hip, Knee pain

As a child I was prescribed prednisone on a regular basis for asthma issues, as well as being banned from all dairy products. Now, as an adult, I was told that the prednisone had deteriorated my bones, and my calcium levels, and was told that it was responsible for my osteoarthritis. I was also diagnosed with having fibromyalgia. That was 5 or 6 years ago. Just a few weeks ago, i went to my first appointment at a pain clinic (after my primary care doc decided that my pain issues were too complicated for her, as I have a HIGH tolerance for pain meds and need them increased regularly to be effective.) When I shared with this new doc my explanation I was given, he rolled his eyes, and then said that he believed my pain was psychological!!!? What the heck?
I suffer from very severe pain throughout my back, my hips, my knees, and occasionally even my feet. The other day, I bumped into something with my shin, and it created a dent that took hours and hours to go away, and yet the dent was quite deep, almost 1/2 inch.
I've been on 100mg MS Contin 3x daily, Vicodin for breakthrough pain, and then anti-nausea drugs because they both make me violently ill.
I guess what I'm wondering, is whether my symptoms ARE what the first doctor suggested? I've never heard of this before. And I am REALLY worried about this issue with my shin, it seems to be softening, and it radiates pain all through my leg even to be pressed on by regular sitting if my shin is at ALL pressed against something.
I'm just so tired of being told I'm in pain because I am depressed. I'm depressed because I am CONSTANTLY in pain, regardless of meds. I don't sleep, I don't want to eat because my appetite is gone, and I feel like just crying constantly from the pain. :(
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My doctor doesn't dismiss my constant pain as psychological, but I know that some people think I exaggerate it.

I haven't been able to find a medication that has an effect for longer than a few weeks before I develop immunity.

Some have caused severe bad reactions; Tramodol caused extreme nause and loss of balance, while Diclofenac aggravates my COPD.

I've asked for a referral to the Paim Clinic, but my doctor says that they wouldn't offer me anything I haven't already tried.
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Hi Sorry to hear about all your pain, sound a lot like mine.
My doctor has'nt yet said that this pain could be psycological but I have a feeling it will only be a matter of time.  I have back stenosis, depression, anxiety, some type of arthritis. When i went to the doctors in NY, they said the pain was coming from my back. I was given,vicodin, etodolac for inflamation and pain, can't remember all the names, anyway when I came down here to North Carolina, I was taking oxcycodone, which seemed to help some.  I had a hard time walking, could'nt squat anymore, so in order to pick anything heavy up I had to bend from the waist, (which I know is the wrong way), had a very hard time carrying anthing because of weakness in the arms. my knees usually felt like someone kicked me in them, and gave out many times. I was laid off from work and went on state disibilitywhile still living in NY . I had coverage with my health insurance for awhile but just as I was about to go see a pain management dr., the insurance ran out. Most of my not going to a dr was because of no health insurance and plain old money. Once I went on medicare, I was able to get insurance again, but when we moved to North Carolina it didn't cover us anymore, so we tried another plan only to find out not many Dr's took that plan. Now I have a pretty good one, and went to the Dr's the other day was given Vicoden, Naproxen, and Predisone. Was given a MRI of hip, and back. Doctor says she also thinks the pain comes from back. Havent got results back yet.
    Pain starts in hip, usually when lying down or sitting in a certain type of chair. Goes down the back of my leg, down to my ankle, sometimes into my toes, sometimes into my heel. It changes every so often sometimes in the front of my thigh in the muscles, sometimes it sharp, sometimes in burning, and sometimes its just a knawing pain.
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Oh and I forgot, Vicodin does work anymore, oxcydone does'nt work anymore either. alieve does nothing. There is this one type of pain that no medicine seems to take away.
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