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Back Mice

After giving birth to my 2nd child, I had an MRI of my lower back to help determine the cause of low back pain.  It showed a bulging disc and a herniated disc at L4-L5 and L5-S1.  Underwent disc decompression and that corrected this.  The pain was still there.  My GP determined that the little fatty "knots" in my low back were back mice and began injecting them wtih lidocaine.  This gave me temporary relief.  

I'm still having pain and the back mice are still there.  What kind of doctor do I need to see and what can be done to permanently fix this?  

I'm 37, 5'4, 134 lbs.  3 pregnancies, 2 births & 1 miscarriage.
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Hello livvysmom123

If the back pain is exclusively due to the compression changes during pregnancy, it ought to disappear.
You need to consult an orthopedician might recommend you either a clear cut non operative but intensive plan of management which may also include physiotherapy for strengthening of the muscles of the back.

Take rest and restrict bending movements as far as possible.

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i was told by my MD that i had back mice and that they were muscle spasms that harden and caused knots. he gave me shots of  lidocaine which caused me to be unable to move for 3 days. im starting to wonder if they can move because honestly i have more of them all over now, when i started with 3.
im 19 and my docotr said its very odd for some one at my age to have these.. so he sent me for an MIR and XRAY. it showed that i had a few flattened discs and 2 herniated discs. the xray showed nothing.
im to the point that im on pain maganagement and now have become addicted to the meds,
i dont want to have to rely on pills to fucntion.

19yr female 5'5 221
and ive lost 60 pounds in 3 months and now have the worst back problems i have ever had.
prior to the weight loss i had baerly any problems with my back..
any words of advice..?
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