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Back Surgery

My Neurosurgeon recommends Orthopedic surgery on my back, using a rod stablized by bolts and nuts.  Why is the rod used?  He gave me no reason for this recommendation.  He said he will perform the neurosurgery for stenosis and an Orthopedic surgeon would perform the rod placement.  He said the surgery is about 85% successful.  That was a year ago and I have not agreed to the surgery yet.  May I have more info on it?
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Can you describe about your condition.
Why was surgery been advised for you currently. Kind post it.
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Thank you for your response.  I have dengenerative disc disease, spurs, arthritis, stenosis ~ I think that's all.  The neuro surgeon wants to do surgery for the stenosis.  The ortho surgeon wants to place the rod.  I'm sorry, that's all I know.  I can tell you that I had epidurals last year that helped tremendously.  I had the same series of epidurals this year with no results.
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Osteoarthritis is also known as degenerative joint disease
Spinal arthritis is one of the common causes of back pain.Spinal arthritis is the mechanical breakdown of the cartilage between the aligning facet joints in the back portion (posterior) of the spine that quite often leads to mechanically induced pain.
The only effective surgical treatment option for osteoarthritis is a fusion to stop the motion at the painful joint and probably this is the reason for the implant to be used.

Probably you should have indepth discussion with your orthopedic surgeon about this.
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I had a lumbar fusion of the L-5-S1 The biggest mistake I ever made. This was done with out a discogran or a mylogram make sure you get these first. I had this surgery in march and now they have decided to do a dicogram and a mylogram. It seems to me these procedures should have been done before surgery. I now live a dreadful life. I wish I would never had the surgery. I am in more pain now than before.. Just make sure that surgery is your last option. I had mine done at the Cleveland Clinic. ( The # 3 Spine clinic in the nation )  Do not accept one opinion get several before you make the decision. Allthough that does not guarantee any thing. I had 4 different surgeons tell me I needed surgery. Nuero surgeons as well as orthopedic surgeons. I wish I never let them touch me. I was told I could go back to work in 6 weeks I can hardly get out of bed now. The cold wet weather has a great effect on me. I now face the fact that I have to move to a warmer climate and miss my grad children growing up.  Just make sure you get several opinions the tests are only as good as the people who read them.

Thanks for listening,
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I am so sorry your surgery was not successful.  I will never let anyone operate on my back ~ I was told a year ago that I need the surgery but I refused it then.  Just last week,  I saw an Ortho Surgeon for a first visit and he told me "Don't even consider that option".  I worked for 20 years at the Social Security Administration and I saw too many failed back surgeries who had to file for disability.  So I do understand a little about the pain you must be going through.  The people who had failed back surgery could not sit or stand for more than 5 minutes.  I hope you will find an answer for your pain and my heart goes out to you.  God bless!
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Hi I am Lin and have had a rod put in from S1, L5, L4, L3.  This took 8.5 hrs at st Mikes hospital in toronto by a neurosurgeon.  I have spinal stenosis in those 4 areas and OA and spondylethitis or something like that .. I could not walk without crying.  I was a very active slender female 3 yrs ago and not I can walk but have scar tissue, bursitis and now my hip feels like it is failing.  I am early 50s.
I wish I never had this done...I swear I have way more pain now and am just waiting for an MRI again to see what is going on with my hip and lower back.
My son 29 now has spinal stenosis also and going threw he......I do not know what to tell him to do because he sees me and is scared he will end up like this.
I had three neuro surgeons tell me I had to have surgery because it had spread quite fast and could hardly walk.
Good luck to you and will let you know how my hip or what ever is going on.  Maybe it is just the scar tissue I feel on my back hurting.  Who knows.  My doctor did a good job I was told but when I went back to him he said I cannot help you anymore I do not do hips so now the waiting again.  what a system we have to wait so long for anything unless you are rich.
I wish you the best and pray for you.
Please get lots of opinions.
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