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Backside of led soreness and clots

Hello, I had arthroscopic knee surgery 13 days ago to repair a torn patellar tendon. 5 days ago I was cleared to leave the crutches and brace behind, I was told to start walking and putting weight on the leg, the night after my first day walking, I began to feel soreness behind in my calf, it feels more like a strain than pain...fast forward 2 days and the strain feels a bit much, I mention this to my docs and they send me to the ER to check for clots, luckily the ultrasound showed no clots. I've reached out to me ortho office, but they're always super busy, does the soreness from my hamstring to lower leg seem normal because I walk with a limp. And am i free of the worries of clots since none showed up?
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It hasn't been that long since your surgery. You probably still have some swelling which (that you may not be able to see) and inflammation that can cause pain.  If you don't have redness, severe pain, heat then it probably isn't an infection.  There are other things that can happen post op but so short out, I'd guess it's the swelling.  Keep after getting an appointment to get checked to be sure.  Are you able to take ibuprofen or something like that?
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