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Bad Knee Pain

For about a month and half now, I have been dealing with nasty knee pain in the area around my knee cap.

I have a chronic pain condition called Complex Regional Pain Condition (CRPS) which I developed when I was 12 years old (I am now 14) in my left leg and both arms. I am currently undergoing Physiotherapy to try and correct Dystonia in my left leg - my leg is rotated out to the side in eversion.

My Physios have been using a splint to try and correct my foot and leg position and during my last physio session, they got me walking with the splint on and my leg kept shooting out in front of me and my knee kept twisting to the side a lot. I remember complaining of knee pain at that session and my Physio's said hopefully it would settle down soon as it usually does but it hasn't so far.

I was adviced to go and see my GP to get some anti-inflammitaries and rule out any other possibilties seeing as though the pain I am experiencing isn't usual CRPS pain but can't get in to see him until the 29th June. I have an appt to see my Physio's next Wednesday so will discuss things then.

The pain in my knee is usually worst when I am sat with my knee bent or have been walking up stairs etc however it is also there sometimes if I have been sat with my leg straight out for any length of time. I have also noticed that my knee clicks a lot and everytime I move it, it feels as though something is out of place. I am Hypermobile so my joints crack sometimes but we haven't noticed this before.

Does anyone else have any similar story or any advice? I really need some help as am not sure what to do...

Thanks in advance!
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