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Bakers Cysts/Osteoarthritis/Planters Fasciitis....

I was diagnosed w/a Bakers cyst several years ago via kneww MRI. I also have severe osteoarthritis in both knees and just about every place else it can be on a human being and I'm only 60.  I've had osteoarthritis since I was diagnosed at age 27.  AS far as the Bakers Cyst goes,  I saw nothing at all that looked different behind that knee but I had a great deal of pain especially when I extended my leg.  Then, it went away.  I have since developed Planters Fasciitis and I have a really bad problem with my right foot.  It would seem to me that my Bakers Cysts is once again "acting up" on top of it all.  I am having the same pain behind my knee which goes up and down the back of my leg - mostly down.  At times it feels as if my knee is dislocating, but I don't think it is...I'm not sure.  I was also told (at the time per the MRI) that I had a small tear in the minisucs (sp?) and that going in and fixing that tear would create more of a problem for me than I already had.  I am overweight on top of it all but I've lost 104 lbs so far and am trying.  So, now, here I am with a right foot that's so painful it keeps me up at night and the exercises for the Planters Fasciitis (stretching) that help that, make my behind the knee pain worse. In fact, I'm wondering if those exercises have caused the behind the knee/Bakers Cyst to recur.  I feel as if what's helpful for one problem harms the other and I do not know what to do!  I have awful pain behind my right knee that generates downwards and slightly upwards at times.  I have been told for the Planters Fasciitis to rest my foot (along with other things).  I find that if I rest it I do feel better; but resting it means literally doing nothing at all.  That is very difficult in spite of my pain since I do have a life! Also, the pain behind my knee like with the Planters Fasciitis is worse in the morning when I get up.  Between the foot and behind my knee/calf I can't walk.  It's a nightmare.  And, how many docs can one person go to? A podiatrist; then an orthopedic, neurologist for the burning, etc., etc.  It also seems that these problems are very hard to treat as painful as they are and doctors (sorry to say this) don't seem very interested in helping me since it involves a lot of "try this" and "try that" and "see if this works", etc.  It's boring and frustrating to them I think.  Sorry to say this but it just seems that way to me.  I doubt anybody can help me, but I was so happy when I found this forum I had to 'vent' and write this because I've been suffering in relative silence for a lvery ong time and am so frustrated and discouraged I don't know what to do.  Mentally, I'm a vital and very 'young' 60 year old woman.  I have tons of interests and things I would love to do but this chronic foot/knee/leg pain puts a major damper on my outlook on life. To look at me one would never guess my age or think there was one thing 'wrong' with me.  But I'm in terrible pain all the time and it's at the point now where I can't hide it any longer from others because I hobble around like Dustin Hoffman did in "Midnight Cowboy".  It's quite frankly embarrassing to me to look that way and hobble around like I do. Thanks for letting me vent.  I'm sorry to disturb you all with this stuff - but I had to get it out.
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I have to admit I had a small problem in the first week with the shoe rubbing against the tendon in the back of my leg. I developed quite the blister :( After the shoe stretched a bit, all was good. The Chicane is so comfortable to wear and that's a good thing because I work on a cement floors and do a lot of standing and walking. orthofeet shoes are a godsend in my opinion.
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