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Bicep issues, figure this out your my hero.

I am 25 and have been struggling with an arm issue that no one can seem to figure out, or give me good enough advice to be able to recover from the injury properly.

I have seen:

2 Orthopedic doctors, 1 sports chiropractor that did a ton of different massage techniques and a physical therapist.

I have had multiple x-rays and an MRI. The orthopedics both had no real idea what it was, considered it an over use injury, specifically a strain.

According to the doctors, the xrays and the MRI, everything is still attached - not torn etc.

So what is wrong? I was a competitive bowler that injured my arm at a national tournament. During the last part of the tournament my arm just started to feel really worn out and weak - which was really not normal. The next day I could not straighten my arm and had a lot of pain in my actual bicep muscle.

At this point I took about 2 weeks off, as I was more mentally tired from a lot of practice for the event and then completing the event. After about a week my arm felt completely normal. So after about 2 weeks I went out to practice some and instantly it felt rather weird. Again my arm fatigued very quickly (2-3 games) when I used to practice 15-20 games without even really being tired.

After that practice session I took 4 weeks off and then went and threw about 3 games. Same results. After each re-attempt the next day was always the worst. I often had trouble or pain associated with fully extending my arm.

As a side note my arms naturally hyper extend some, after bowling I could never get close to that range of motion.

So at this point, I took about 5 weeks off and then tried again. Same pain, same issues.

This is where doctors came into play. The last orthopedic I saw said it was probably a severe strain, take 4 months off, keep doing LIGHT exercises, and then when I start again to start with a lighter ball to work my way back into my 15 lb equipment.

I took 5 months off, then started with a 12lb bowling ball. I threw it 8 times-  not games, 8 throws. It felt weird, hurt a bit and I stopped in frustration. Sure enough similar pain - not as bad, I attribute that to the few amount of times I threw it.

I was told to take the 4 months off back in November. Since then I have bowled maybe...5 games? Trying different things continually. I have more stretching, thera bands , grip strength , shake weights , normal weights all kinds of things that I would hope to stretch out my issues, strengthen etc.

I haven't found anything to have any positive effect on my issues. I am at a loss, my doctors are at a loss. I find it hard to believe that I am 25, and during normal daily functions my arm is fine - but certain more strenuous activities kill it. Even lifting weights doesn't really bother the arm.

My chiropractor has an inclination that it is due to my arm hyper extending at the bottom of my swing (natural range of motion) and it being the root cause of pain. I bought a brace for my arm/elbow that prevents hyper extension of your arm, and that doesn't really help at all with the pain, so I tend to think it has to be something else.


The red issues are where it hurts. The bicep is always the worst - by far.

Not sure if videos of "how" I bowl are of any use, but incase they are:



I am open to any and all ideas!!!!

Thank you!

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Hi there!

Well, without a clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your issues. Aside structural issues and injuries/ tears, possibilities that may need to be considered neurological causes such as neuropathies, muscular strain, micronutrient deficiencies, low grade degeneration, hormonal/ endocrine/ metabolic issues etc. I am not sure how far have you been evaluated for so far. It may be a good idea to consider consulting a primary care physician or an orthopedician for a detailed evaluation and appropriate management.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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