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Bilateral patellofemoral Makoplasty

I had bilateral PF Makoplasty six months ago on December 9, 2014, at age 57. Recovery in the first few weeks was exceptionally fast, and I am mostly thrilled with the results -- I have great flexion, can sit back on my heels, and can descend stairs, jump up and down, and do lunges and squats to 90 degrees without sharp pain, though I generally have an 'awareness' and some soreness in my knees with these movements.However, with any flexion of the knee joint over 90 degrees that is combined with weight bearing, I have pain (tolerable until about 120 degrees) (more on the right than the left), and I cannot go into or get up from a deep squat without using my hands to push on the floor or other surface. I'm not sure if the pain and soreness is coming from under the kneecap or in the femoropatellar junction where the pins are; I suspect the latter. With firm touch to the area, I also have some fairly intense deep muscular-type pain in the right lateral leg from the PFJ upwards for about 4 inches;  My questions are these: 1) is this pain in the outside of my lower thigh anything to worry about? 2) will my quadriceps ever be strong enough to allow me to deep squat without a lot of pain and without using my hands for assistance? Everything looked fine on followup visit x-rays, and I called my doc recently to ask if I could amp up my exercise program, and he said I could "do whatever the pain allows," that I would do no harm. For several weeks now I have been doing tons of quad strengthening and stretching as well as bike riding, but I don't see much change. Thank you in advance for your response!
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I just had this surgery June 16th 2016.  I was wondering how your outcome is now that a year has passed.  
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